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BIO: Don Berg

Sr. Photographer

So good to be home!  The story that no one will read!  So go! Just go hit the "New Sign Up" button and get me on your team!

Seemingly born to have cameras, lights, jib arms, dolly's and drones in my hands, I left the Pacific Northwest to follow my passion.

I worked many years on feature films, number one rated network television shows and numerous faith based projects in and around the Los Angeles/Hollywood area, the U.S., and beyond.

I was blessed with the opportunity to be involved with more fantastic projects and even more fantastic people than I could have possibly dreamed!


When I decided to return home to the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and rejoin lifelong friends and family, an interesting thing took place.   I sold my home.  and as always happens, the Realtor needed pictures for the MLS.  As I watched her photograph the most expensive investment of my life, it felt odd that I, the professional photographer, was having my multi hundred thousand dollar investment shot hurriedly on a cheap point and shoot camera by my Agent and I had recently been shooting a $1.00 taco with a $100,000 worth of camera and lighting gear.

She was a great person who I liked very much, a photographer she was not. 

This event would settle down into the back recesses of my mind and marinate.

I was after all, very busy moving and I had hired her to sell my home.

After moving back to Vancouver, Washington my personal friend and realtor, decided to sell her personal home.  Before selling, she showed me some listing photos that had been shot for her by a professional photographer who had disappointed her with the quality of the work, and asked for my thoughts about them.

Once again, the overwhelming feeling of wanting to help her shoot her home could not be contained, but curiously enough, this professional camera guy, did not have the proper gear with which to satisfactorily shoot and process her home pictures.

And besides, her husband was a good photographer in his own right.  I looked on and gave some small input as he photographed their home.  He encouraged me to consider shooting homes for Agents, to which I laughed and sheepishly replied that I didn’t even have a camera or lenses that could do the job.  Much to my surprise, and delight, that amazing friend, unexpectedly gave me one of his cameras still marked with the name of his old photography business.

 Just picked it up and handed it to me.

I will be eternally grateful!

 The avalanche was building inside me and I knew things were going to change!

I soon sold my next home, but this time, my exceptional Listing Agent, hired a professional Photographer.  She also shared with me, the pros and cons of one Photographer or another, and once again I saw that Real Estate Agents had a real need for quality Photographers.

This time it really got to me.  My Agent was wonderful, helpful and professional in every way, but I wanted so badly to help her sell my property by taking the listing photos for her.  I was busy beyond belief with the home sale, repairs, walk through s, and move, and still lacking lenses wide enough to shoot an interior, but I was burning with the desire to shoot the pictures for my amazing Agent!

 I made up my mind that this would be the last time that I, a life-long photographer and lighting guy, would stand on the sideline when Agents needed the service I could provide.  With proceeds from the sale of my home, and a calling too strong to ignore, I began to build GGP Photography specifically for Realtors.

And so it was that a small town Vancouver guy, who moved to L.A. to work in film and television, then returned home to the Pacific Northwest, decided once and for all to start a little business venture called

GGP Photography to make new friends and take good care of hard working Agents!

So lets go shoot something, add value to your client, and enhance your image in the process.

 I will be the guy quietly working behind the lens, passionate about your image !

Which is just the way I like it! 😎

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Extensive Production background

I am passionate about photography, the movement of an image, the play of light, the Visual Arts! 

Here is just a partial sampling of the many companies, Projects, and People I've been blessed enough to work with.


Feature Film - World Wide Releases, Jib Arm Camera Operator:

Around the World in 80 Days  Walt Disney Pictures

Hell Boy    Columbia Pictures

Thank You for Smoking    Fox Searchlight Pictures

XXX State of the Union /Columbia Pictures



Broadcast Television Jib Arm Camera Operator:

Airline (Southwest)    Reality TV Series/A&E

Biggest Loser    NBC

Carrier (USS Nimitz)    PBS Documentary series, Icon, producer Mel Gibson

Beyond the Glory    Fox Sports  (Camera,lighting,audio)

Jim Rome is Burning    ESPN

Monster Garage    Discovery Channel

Monster House    Discovery Channel

Nanny 911    Fox

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search    NBC

Storm Chasers  Discovery Channel

Sunday Morning Shootout/Peter Guber

 Peter Bart/AMC with Charlize Theron,

Clint Eastwood, Sylvester Stalone, Nicholas Cage, etc. etc, etc, AMC

Trading Spaces    TLC, Discovery Channel, Discovery Home


Event Television:  Jib Arm, Camera

Academy Awards    offered multiple rates.  Unfortunately unavailable

Red Bull     Multiple events:  San Fransico, Colorado, Nevada. Broadcast.

Santa Anita  Night at The Races

Multiple Concerts with Multiple artists

Macey's Day Parade    William Shatner in Studio


Faith Based Productions:

Good News Buenos Noticias    Telemundo

Harvest Crusades/Harvest Church broadcast    Greg Laurie   Edison Field

Monday Night with Greg Laurie broadcast

Sunday Morning with Greg Laurie  Weekly broadcast

Joni and Friends Ministry      Joni Eareckson

Living Waters - Hells Best Kept Secret       

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort

Mariners Church Newport Beach 

 Also Dana Point

Purpose Driven Ministries

Saddle Back Church

Saddle Back Church crusades Edison Field

Victory Outreach


Various roles in commercial work:

Producer, Director of Photography, Jib Operator, Camera, Lighting audio, and

small time actor in a pinch, (lol), for such companies as...



CB Richard Ellis Commercial Real Estate


Ford Motor Company


Other Auto manufacturers


Foster Grant with Cindy Crawford

Ronco with Ron Popeil

Taco Bell



A litiny of infomercials

and many more!